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Sunday, November 21, 2010

How'd That Get In There?

Someone has parked a van in the garage.

Yes, I know, that's just ludicrous - that's not where vans belong. And yet, someone has parked one in there. It looks suspiciously like Rosie the Mule (my beloved Astro van).

The vehicle looms where perfectly useful (if empty) cardboard boxes once proudly squatted. Also displaced by tons of steel, plastic, and an engine that still hums along despite nearly 300,000 miles on it:
- a nifty little wooden bench that lit out for the front porch and staked a claim near the railing where the kitties like to perch
- a tool box and a large cardboard box full of something that should be a chandelier but had an odd assortment of old stuffed animals on top that were not mine, nor Bird's, nor Someone's (I believe they belonged to T at one time, and so have gone home with him...I think he was expecting to be picking up the Evil Genius and ONLY the Evil Genius, but the box and tool box insisted, insulted that they should be asked to share space with a VAN in the GARAGE!!!) but were rather mankier than I wanted to explore under to see what was REALLY in the box
- an assortment of plastic Solo cups that did yeoman's duty as seedling starters for the garden but were past their prime (read: cracked, dirty, and prone to flinging themselves all over the place, especially where a body wanted to step at the moment)
- two large and still needed boards that allow us to get the mower up onto the back of the truck without herniating a body part by trying to lift the dang thing
- an old trash bin that has been re-assigned to recycling duties
- the broken microwave that Someone futzed with on principle, and fixed, although the cover may have been a little...er...compromised in the process
- the broken vacuum that I loved but was beyond my abilities to magic or mend (I tried, truly, but no matter what I did it still smelled like it was moments from bursting into flames whenever I turned it on)
- a bunch of items that belonged in the trailer and finally made their homeward journey

Since the van migrated into the garage, I guess we'll let her Winter there...who knows, we may even start a trend...

1 comment:

Wild Cakes said...

K... could your vac need a new driver belt thing? We had one that made that smell about every 2 years, but all she needed was a little rubber belt!